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How to turn on your webOS device

by Adam Marks Sun, 01 Apr 2012 10:14 am EDT

Power ButtonOne of the most important features of any webOS device is the ability to turn it on to access your data. Regardless if you are running the original Pre Minus, an unreleased AT&T Pre3 or the TouchPad (including an impossible-to-find TouchPad Go prototype), without powering on your device you will not be able to see your email, browse the web, or look up any of your contacts. While some devices have some specific additional ways to power on your device, one thing is common for all of them: the power button. Typically located on the top-right of the device as long the home button in on the bottom of the device, you just need to press the power button once (and be sure to let go quickly and not hold it down for too long). This will bring up the standard lock screen  where you just need to "Drag up to unlock" the padlock image on the bottom of the screen to access the device.  Note that if you have a PIN or password set, you may then need to enter that at this point as well

If you have a slider Phone (Pre, Pre+, Pre2, Pre3, Veer), sliding open the phone to access the keyboard will automatically bypass the need to both press the power button and slide the padlock up to unlock.  This is a nice shortcut to quickly access your device that is sadly not available on the Pixi or Pixi+ due to the lack of a slide-out keyboard.  If you have a TouchPad or TouchPad Go, pressing the physical home button also acts the same as the Power button and will bring you to the "Drag up to unlock" screen.

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