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How valuable are Palm's patents?

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 19 Apr 2010 2:32 pm EDT



Through all of the recent talk and rumor surrounding what might come next for Palm, one constant theme has been the value of the company’s intellectual property, holdings that are by themselves worth between $8 to $9 per share according to MDB Capital Group.

There has been talk that perhaps the market has been undervaluing Palm’s massive patent holdings, but if the company’s IP portfolio is as potent as some of these analysts think is, a recent article posted on ars technica poses an interesting question: why hasn’t Palm done everything in its power to leverage that IP though lawsuits and licensing agreements to keep cash flowing into its coffers? The answer could, of course, be a simple matter of business practice, in which case Palm has been carelessly leaving money sitting on the table for quite a while now.  The answer could also be that the company's massive war chest of patents has less relevance than we'd like to think. 

Thanks to govotsos for the tip!