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Howard Stern to Get a Look at the Pre?

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:02 pm EDT


William tips us off to Rich Fink's Twitter post (via Mike Cane):

listened to Howard Stern announce this morning he is getting preview of Pre next week. Prototype will be used. No demos avail.

...which honestly comes as little surprise, given that none-other than Palm's VP of Public Relations, Lynn Fox, gave Stern a call back on Thursday, March 12th to recommend the Pre to him.  Although it's unclear whether or not Stern himself will wait for the Pre, it's fair to say that he's a lucky devil (possible emphasis on devil?).  I do enjoy Stern myself, although I'm not a regular listener, and it's good bet that he'll give the folks at Palm a pretty good grilling about the device and its functionality.

Here's our question: how long until the PR offensive for the Pre peaks?  We asked it during our podcast yesterday (note to Palm, a podcast is like a radio show for the internet.  Since the Pre is so internet-centric, some podcast demo-time would be fitting, no?  Ahem.) and the question is starting to get bigger.  You can only keep interest up and climbing for so long before it wanes and you most definitely don't want that to happen too long before the release date.  

Thanks to William for the tip!