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HP’s Rahul Sood sings the praises of webOS gaming [video]

by Derek Kessler Thu, 29 Jul 2010 11:51 am EDT

HP and augmented reality What would you expect the founder of HP-acquired gaming computers building VoodooPC to talk about with regards to webOS? Gaming, of course. And Rahul Sood dug up a blast from the not-that-distant past: a video HP put together to show off their vision of the future of gaming - a mix of role-playing, augmented reality, and geocaching (video after the break).

Obviously the concept was ahead of its time then, and is still a bit out of reach today (at least in the remapping of cityscapes as the video envisions). But bringing it back to webOS, Sood couldn’t help but wax poetically about HP’s latest acquisition:

I'm glad we finally bought Palm and now the possibilities are truly great. If you have not tried webOS you truly owe it to yourself just to try it. It's so freaking awesome. The biggest complaint right now is people want to see more hardware choices - I think we all know that.

So game developers, this was HP's vision 3+ years ago. If you could think about using our hardware and future hardware -- think scalable resolution, multiple cameras, fast graphics, awesome screens, touch, accelerometers, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, always connected, etc.

Just put it all together and create something truly unique.

We are in great concurrence with everything Mr. Sood has to say here, and we can only hope that HP’s guidance and giant bags of money will make this kind of awesomeness possible.

Source: RahulSood.com; thanks to everybody that sent this in!