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HP acquires Melodeo / nuTsie music streaming service

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 23 Jun 2010 2:24 pm EDT

HP has just spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million to snap up Melodeo, according to TechCrunch. Melodeo offers a service to stream your music from the cloud - much like Grooveshark.

You can check them out now on their nuTsie service (get the joke there?). You can give nuTsie access to see your iTunes library and they will automatically make all the songs on their servers that match your library available for mobile streaming. TechCrunch claims that the next version will allow you to actually upload your songs to the cloud for streaming anywhere. Remember when HP said they loved the cloud and hinted that it was an integral part of their webOS strategy? Not fooling around.

Palm may have had to give up on direct iTunes sync, but it looks like HP is planning on doing them one better by purchasing a service that will let you get your entire iTunes (or whatever) library into the cloud and streamed to your webOS device. Sounds like a good trade to us - we can't wait to see what comes of this buyout.

Source: TechCrunch