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HP advertising Pre 2 online, plans ad and distribution campaign for Europe

by Derek Kessler Fri, 11 Mar 2011 12:05 am EST

We’ve been getting reports (and seen ourselves) for a few weeks now of HP’s online advertising for the Palm Pre 2. The ads have popped up all across the interwebs, and just recently HP launched a series of YouTube videos advertising the Pre 2 as the “effortless smartphone.” The videos feature a worldly young girl, a jazz pianist with a Touchstone-equipped Steinway (yes, we know, it's upside down; Steinways have a nice finish), and a guy wearing a tie showing off webOS multitasking, Just Type search, and Synergy.

Separately, HP seems to be planning for their future webOS product launches to be more global in scale. They recently partnered with Brightstar Europe for distribution of product across Europe, with Data Select handling distribution in the UK. Additionally, according to Mobile News Online, HP plans to spend at least $160 million on a global advertising campaign for the recently-announced HP Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad. $80 million of that is said to be headed to mainland Europe, and another $30 million to the UK. Richard Turner, Brightstar Europe’s managing director for the British Isles said that they “see HP Palm products as [a] growth vendor. These devices appeal to kids, twenty-somethings, the business sector. And for us committing to a long-term relationship, the roadmap is so strong, it was a no brainer.”

HP’s hope is that these new distribution partnerships will result in better penetration and sales in Europe, an area where both HP and Palm have both struggled. Here’s hoping that that $160 million is just the start - the competition’s spending some serious cash to sell products that are available right now; HP’s going to be playing catch-up to a degree, and doing so while trying to sell a platform most customers aren’t familiar with.

Source: YouTube, Mobile News Online; Thanks to everybody who sent all of these in!