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HP: All-in with webOS, dropping Android?

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 29 Apr 2010 2:24 pm EDT

HP's Chief Strategy Officer / Chief Technology Officer, Shane Robison, sat down with CNN to chat about HP's plans with the new Palm acquisition.

It's clear that HP intends a "change in [their] business model," and will be going all-in with webOS, which Robison calls "a modern, very capable operating system." In the beginning, at least, HP has no intentions on licensing webOS to other manufacturers.

More interestingly, Robison didn't rebuff a question that HP would be dumping Android entirely - pointing to the fact that with Palm there's a "tightly integrated approach" between software and hardware. They'll be "sorting out" their strategy for Windows Phone 7 over the coming months, but they're "very, very serious partners with Microsoft," so it doesn't look likely that HP will be dropping off the list of launch partners for the OS.

HP is also "anxious" to keep all the key employees at Palm - a sentiment we're fully behind. Read the entire interview here.