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HP and Palm try new slogan: 'Faster, smarter, and tons of fun'

by Mark Jensen Mon, 01 Nov 2010 9:48 am EDT

Finally, Palm seems to have gotten the message loud and clear.  The message:  A great smartphone and great OS need an equally great marketing slogan.  Dare we say the latest slogan from Palm and HP is also the greatest in the annals of webOS marketing history?

We do say the latest is the greatest and here it is:

"Faster, smarter and tons of fun."

Say no more.  We agree, and thank you Palm for finally listening.  Thank you for thinking before opening your wallet and, above all, thank you for leaving mom and the “creepy lady” out of the equation (no offense mom).   If we can add just one more thing;  HP and Palm, this one is a winner.  We hope to see this newest slogan not just on your website but eventually everywhere.

In case you’ve forgotten or tried to forget, here’s a recap of Palm’s marketing missteps: 

Original Palm “wouldn’t that be amazing” campaign introducing the Pre.  "Amazingly" the Pre was turned off during the entire spot. 

Palm “Flow” campaign (aka “creepy lady ads”).

The infinitely worse and equally infamous Verizon “Smart enough for mom” campaign.

These missteps and the subsequent criticism from all sides led Palm to wisely and finally come up with a slogan that made some sense:

"Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing."

Let’s hope that the new “Faster, smarter and tons of fun” marketing campaign helps take Palm and webOS 2.0 to the masses where all things great belong.

Source:  Palm.com