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HP-approved Fossil Meta Watch bridges the gulf between your wrist and your phone

by Derek Kessler Wed, 04 May 2011 7:10 pm EDT

Are you still looking for a way to resolve Phil McKinney’s dream of a world where watches make your wrist disappear into an inky black void? We doubt you are, but you might be interested to know what was behind that black void: a Fossil Meta Watch. Meta Watch is a new watch-based platform with its own SDK and APIs that enable the watch to pair up over Bluetooth with a user’s phone to display alerts and other information right on your wrist. Supporting both full-screen digital and single-line analog formats, Meta Watch uses a ultra-low-power chipset from Texas Instruments to give the wearer a full week of battery life before having to reach for the charger.

HP and Fossil teamed up with Meta Watch to make the first publicly available examples of the new platform, and they look fairly interesting. The Meta Watch system is a departure from the Microsoft SPOT watches and Fossil’s Palm OS-powered AU5005 wrist PDA (it came with a stylus and everything!), in that the watch merely serves as a notification/reader screen – the apps doing all the heavy lifting are on the connected phone or tablet. This enables the watch to be built of a very lower-power system that gets much better battery life than its over-reaching predecessors.

Despite HP’s partnering with Fossil to make the Meta Watch happen, we don’t know if or when support will make its way to webOS. Granted, there’s nothing to stop an enterprising webOS developer from taking the Meta Watch API and integrating it into their own apps, but having system level automatic support to copy all incoming notifications on webOS to the watch on your wrist: that’s gold right there. Well, it could be, when the first Meta Watches hit the market this July, starting at $200.

Source: Meta Watch; Via: Engadget