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HP Apps hit webOS via Melodeo acquisition

by Robert Knight Tue, 28 Sep 2010 12:36 pm EDT

Hewlett-Packard music apps We've confirmed with Palm that HP now has 'official' HP apps in the webOS App Catalog, though they come via a different route than you might expect. These weren’t apps from that internal develop-for-webOS contest, but instead apps from Melodeo, a service HP purchased back in June before while they were busy assimilating Palm. 

These apps, five of them at publishing time, are “Top 100” music apps, and as you might expect from Melodeo they’re of the delightfully streaming type.

Each app retails for $1.99, and plays their respective genre/grouping of songs shuffled and commercial-free over Wi-Fi or cellular data. Of course, since this is streaming music you don’t own the tunes, though they will give you the option to purchase each song individually via a purchase button for each entry in the playlists. Currently available “Top 100” apps from Hewlett-Packard/Melodeo include Top 100 Reggae Songs, Top 100 Rock Songs of All Time, Top 100 90s Songs, Top 100 Love Songs, and Top 100 Country Songs of All Time.

Melodeo designed the Top 100 for each genre to change over time based upon a proprietary recommendation engine that looks at other users playlists and what they’re listening to. The service also learns much like Pandora, and introduces you to new music in the genre. Melodeo’s website and service - nuTsie.com (an anagram of iTunes) is very flexible allowing the user to build their own playlist from the music available on the service. It also introduces a bit of social sharing, giving the user the ability to listen to friends’ playlists and add those songs to your own playlists should the fancy strike you. If that doesn't warm your heart to the apps, well, how about this: nuTsie / Melodeo currently employes Dave Dederer for Business development, a founding member of The Presidents of the United States of America who still manages the band.

Strike up the band HP is brewing up some competition. Imagine the Melodeo nuTsie service being matched with Beats Audio on a webOS superphone. Sounds good right?

via: WebOS World