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HP brings grassroots marketing with the "Veer Peers" program

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 31 May 2011 9:59 pm EDT

While HP has been working to promote the Veer in several mediums like the New York Times, YouTube, and even with some help from Lady GaGa, a small group of attractive and strong influential and vocal webOS community members have been recruited to take part in a new program from the minds in HP's webOS marketing division. This program, called "Veer Peers" takes the form of a grassroots campaign, and is meant to spread the good word about the HP Veer both online and off through the areas of influence that these "peers" occupy, and to get a look at what different Veer owners do every day.

With the help of Eric Harr and Resonate Media, the third-party marketing team that has been asked to facilitate the program, ten people that have been active in the webOS community since the beginning are taking part in a number of small activities and community endeavors to help promote the new HP Veer in their unique ways. Some of them are taking pictures of cool places in their communities, others are recording videos of events that they attend, and a few are updating their blogs to tell some of the cool things that have happened while living with a Veer. Of course, they're all actively promoting webOS and their new devices (provided by HP) on social networks like Facebook or Twitter (and elsewhere).

This program is kind of a big deal for some of us here at PreCentral. Two of our writers, Jonathan Ezor and Timothy Stiffler-Dean (that's me!), have been asked to participate in this program along with several others who frequent this community. What we would all love to see, though, is more community get involved with us in promoting these very cool little devices in the unique communities outside of PreCentral. Our little team has a few fun activities planned to fulfill our duties as Veer Peers, and we'll be happy to share that victory with more of you in our community as we get ready for the TouchPad and Pre3 to be released.

This is, of course, not the end of HP's marketing campaign for the Veer. It's just another way that HP is showing that they are watching the interwebs for people who enjoy their devices, and inviting them to take part directly in the marketing vehicle that has started its travels. Goes to show you that you don't just need to be a developer to have an effect on what happens next in the world of webOS devices, though there are a few awesome devs out there that make us envious of what they can do.

And before you ask, no, we don't get to drive the cool Mini Coopers that we saw last month. We're still not sure who gets to drive those, actually.