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HP brings the TouchPad to Twitter with a new promoted trend #LikeNothingElse

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 08 Jul 2011 4:42 am EDT

HP TouchPad Twitter Trend

Either HP has seen more success from their Twitter advertisements than we first estimated, or they have other reasons for their latest marketing push in social media. HP has purchased a third Twitter trend to promote their webOS devices, specifically the HP TouchPad, this time with their slogan as the hashtag, #LikeNothingElse. People are using the trend a lot already, with several messages going out each second, and we aren't even in the prime-time for twitter use yet.

Sadly, just as it was with the first promoted Twitter trend that HP purchased, people aren't really talking about new webOS devices as much as they are talking about plenty of other topics (like love and relationships). So have they failed once again to use social media for marketing purposes?

Last time we criticized HP's decision at using these vague hashtags because they were attracting very little attention to the devices themselves, just like now, but is it possible that there is actually a method to this marketing madness? Getting the Twitter-world to use the phrase "Like Nothing Else" throughout the day, and then launching a larger ad campaign with that same slogan attached, might help to burn that phrase into people's minds and potentially drive some sales and brand recognition in the process. Of course, we might be giving HP a bit too much credit here, and really this is just another fun Twitter trend that they hope gains them a little bit of attention from the masses. We'll have to see if anything else happens today to grab people's attention.

Either way, if you're on Twitter, hop on in and join the talk. There's plenty to go around. 

Source: Twitter Trend (HP); Thanks, Robert!