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HP building $112 million R&D center

by Derek Kessler Mon, 04 Oct 2010 1:04 pm EDT

HP Logo Look out Taiwan, HP is coming in with the big bucks. According to Taipei Times, the world’s largest tech company is setting up a new research and development center in Taiwan, and at the cost of $112.5 million over the next three years. The center is estimated to need some $30 billion (with a b) in electronics components over that same three year span. The focus of this R&D center, dubbed the “Computing Hub”? Handsets, PCs, and servers. Handsets, as in devices like future Palm products alongside things like the HP Slate.

HP also plans to branch out a bit from their current product lines, with items like 3D active shutter glasses. Hopefully those won’t be finding their way to compatibility with any Palm products - don't get us wrong, 3D is cool, but heavy battery-powered glasses are not. Said Kai Hsiao, HP Taiwan’s procurement head, “Innovation will be the key to the Computing Hub. It won’t carry out R&D for middle or low-end products. The center will also join hands with Taiwan’s academia.”

Source: Taipei Times; Thanks to David for the heads up!