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HP buys Linux quick-boot OS Hyperspace, webOS implications hazy at best

by Derek Kessler Sat, 12 Jun 2010 12:31 pm EDT

Hyperspace instant-on OS

HP has reached an agreement with Phoenix Technologies (BIOS-programmers) to buy their instant-on Linux-based Hyperspace platform for a cool $12 million. Hyperspace is not a full-on OS and is meant to be used in conjunction with another operating system, i.e. slow-booting Windows. The instant-on capability of Hyperspace is its most-intriguing feature; with just the touch of a button the OS boots in a few seconds, giving the computer user near instant access to the internet, their music, and a few other basic tasks.

While it’s more than likely that HP will use the purchase of Hyperspace to further differentiate their laptop products, we can’t help but wonder what this might mean for soon-to-be-purchased webOS. HP was mum on what exactly they intend to do with Hyperspace, but we’re cheering from the sidelines for at least some of the technology from the instant-on OS to find its way into painfully-slow-to-boot webOS, which is also based on Linux. Additionally, since the two operating systems are Linux-based, there’s the intriguing possibility of Hyperspace being leveraged to quickly and easily add webOS to HP’s other portable products. Imagine a dual-booting HP tablet running webOS and Windows 7...

Via: Ars Technica
Source: Linux for Devices

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