HP can't help but tease after slate leak: "Think again." | webOS Nation

HP can't help but tease after slate leak: "Think again."

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Jan 2011 8:05 pm EST

First HP told us to “Think big. Think small. Think beyond.” for their upcoming February 9th event. And while we’re doing just that, we’re also getting some pretty juicy leaks about the slate future of webOS. You know, that whole render thing with a 9-inch Topaz and 7-inch Opal due later in 2011? Yeah, that thing.

Well, HP couldn’t help but drop another teaser in our inbox: “Think you saw the latest on Engadget? Think again.” Considering that the tablets basically fit our expectations for “think big,” this makes sense - there’s still “think small” and “think beyond” to take care of. But that slide with the Opal release dates, it gave us a pretty good idea of what we might be able to expect from “beyond.” Either way, it seems that HP is excited, which in turn is getting us a little excited. 21 days, 18 hours.