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HP shutting down webOS device operations, will "continue to explore options"

In a press release for the Q3 2011 earnings, HP dropped three bombshells: they’re looking to spend $10 billion in data management firm Autonomy, they’re exploring options to spin off or sell the computer-building Personal Systems Group, and they’re shutting down webOS hardware development with will “continue to explore options” of what to do with webOS the operating system.

HP not willing to make the investments needed to drive webOS to greater marketshare

Following the press release, HP held and investors conference call where they delivered their reasoning for cancelling webOS device operations: they crunched the numbers and the cost of gaining a significant marketshare was deemed too high.

HP "not walking away from webOS," say execs at all-hands webOS GBU meeting

But just because they’re not going to be making webOS phones and tablets anymore doesn’t mean HP’s done with webOS overall. HP SVP, webOS GBU, Stephen DeWitt and VP PSG Todd Bradley held an all-hands meeting with the people involved in making, supporting, and selling webOS where they vowed that HP wasn’t just going to dump webOS.

HP has neither balls nor brains

Derek gets what needed to be said off his chest. Seriously, HP, did you think this was going to be easy?

HP begins TouchPad liquidation; 16GB cut to $99, 32GB $149

And so it begins.

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