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HP CEO Mark Hurd Resigns after sexual harassment investigation

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 06 Aug 2010 7:15 pm EDT


HP's CEO, Mark Hurd, is resigning in the midst of a sexual harassment investigation. Fortunately, HP has an interim CEO lined up:

The Board has appointed CFO Cathie Lesjak, 51, as CEO on an interim basis. Lesjak is a 24-year veteran of the company who has served as HP’s CFO and as a member of the company’s Executive Council since January 2007. She oversees all company financial matters and will retain her CFO responsibilities during the interim period.

HP notes that "there was no violation of HP's sexual harassment policy, but did find violations of HP's Standards of Business Conduct." On a conference call, HP said that Hurd submitted inaccurate expense reports to cover up his relationship with a contractor.  

There's a search committee that has been put together and they're conducting a search process "as quickly as they can to find the right individual for the position."

Nilay Patel of Engadget asks if Jon Rubinstein will be included in the search. HP replies that they'll look internally and externally, but won't comment on specific individuals.

Source: HP call, PR Newswire; via Engadget