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HP CEO: TouchPad Launches in June, webOS on PC beta at end of year

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 14 Mar 2011 5:19 pm EDT

HP CEO Leo Apotheker just answered at question at the HP Summit and happened to mention a couple tidbits:

  • The TouchPad will launch in June
  • HP will deliver a beta of webOS running on Windows "on a browser" by the end of the year and will launch it on new HP PCs soon thereafter.

The TouchPad will come out in June and from that date onwards there will be wave after wave of technology coming out to support the webOS platform. There will be a beta version for webOS running on a browser on PCs available at the end of the year and you'll see us putting webOS on that technolgoy on PCs, on Windows PCs I should add, starting from that point onwards and we hope to read 100 million devices a year. We'll put the same technology on our printers, we'll put them on PCs, we'll put them on TouchPads, we'll put them on smartphones, so you'll see this become a very massive, very broad platform.

That explains a bit about how we'll see webOS on those 100 million PCs - it won't be a dual-boot mess but instead run as an app inside Windows. Whether it will be further integrated later on remains to be seen, but it's fitting that webOS ' first PC beta will happen in a browser, innit? In any case, how exactly it will work is a question that has been vexing us, so we're glad to have more color on that.

Oh, and the TouchPad launching in June - can't help but note we nailed that.

Update: Apotheker adds that "webOS technology is seamless when it comes to working with Windows" and also notes that HP isn't counting out shipping Windows-based tablets again in the future alongside webOS tablets, "we just need the right version of Windows to do that." Ouch.