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HP contemplating adding NFC to future webOS devices?

by Derek Kessler Mon, 13 Jun 2011 6:20 pm EDT

We’ll be honest, HP’s Touch-to-Share technology is pretty slick stuff, but the fact that it’s marketed as an extension of Touchstone tech is telling: it’s proprietary. Contrast that with the open standard Near Field Communication spec, which is seeing a strong push from Google. The difference between the two is that HP’s vision was for sharing between devices you own, while Google wants NFC to open up to sharing with your friends and retailers – it’s both a handshake and a wallet.

Enter Bloomberg, citing two people familiar with HP’s plans, with the claim that HP is considering adding NFC tech to future webOS phones and tablets, which would allow the owner to not only to share between their phone and tablet, but also to other devices and the aforementioned retail purchases (not to mention a thousand other possibilities). The new devices could be available by the end of 2011, though if the TouchPad and/or Pre3 achieve any modicum of success, we wouldn’t expect the Touchstone v2 version of sharing to go away any time soon.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!