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HP on the convergence of the cloud and the mobile

by Derek Kessler Thu, 23 Sep 2010 2:15 pm EDT

Patrick Scaglia, CTO of Cloud Services & Applications at HP, recently penned an editorial for Forbes on the future of cloud services and mobile computing, and it’s a good read. While Scaglia never mentions webOS by name, it’s clear what he’s talking about: as mobile bandwidth and power increases, so will the capabilities of devices augmented by cloud-based computing services.

While Scaglia speaks at length about the future of cloud services as they could pertain to corporations (this is for Forbes, after all), he does dabble in where the cloud could directly benefit the consumer, and that’s in the developing world. As he notes, despite the more than one billion persons living in India, only 80 million own computers that are connected to the internet. Yet, there are more than 600 million cell phones in use in India. The power of a smartphone, no matter how advanced, will always fall behind that of a desktop, if merely due to the size and power needs of components. But by utilizing cloud services, Scaglia argues that mobile devices could become the only devices needed: “As those phones become more sophisticated, connected and are backed by the cloud, that disparity will be wiped away.”

Quite rightly, Scaglia and HP see information as the most valuable resource of the 21st century. With HP’s recent purchase of firms like 3PAR and Stratavia, it’s good to know that they’re backing up their words with dollars. And let’s not forget about the cloud potential of webOS. Between Palm Profile backups and the Synergy combinations of tasks, calendars, and contacts, there’s a lot of cloud already baked into webOS, with potential for much more.

Source: Forbes