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HP CTO Phil McKinney sits down with Ben and Dion

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 01 Jul 2010 2:31 pm EDT

We already noted HP CTO Phil McKinney's welcome to the webOS community, but as promised McKinney has updated the post with a link to the above discussion with two guys that Palm fans know well, Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer. 

The three chat about McKinney's place in HP, HP's interest in Palm, and more. Oh, the chuckles about smartphones being a "sideshow:" "Our interest is in the phone business, no if, ands, buts about it."

McKinney also mentions slates and "other form factors," which could be taken as yet another hint at webOS netbooks. We also like the talk about HP's scale and how they intend to put that behind webOS - in particular their strength outside the US. On slates: "We think webOS on a slate could be an amazing kind of experience."

Get this: HP has an event called TechCon and McKinney offered free phones to HP engineers who build webOS apps (many of which our readers have already seen begin to pop up in the Beta feeds). 

Last but not least, here's the brief synopsis of what is going to happen to Palm as a business unit: "Palm will become the seat of innovation for global mobile platforms. Our intent is to leave Palm as is. [...] Don't mangle up Palm kind of philsophy." Palm will be an "autonomous unit" within HP but able to take advantage of the resources at HP. 

Source: Vimeo and HP