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HP CTO Puts the Kibosh on webOS Slate Rumors

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 26 May 2010 3:24 pm EDT

In a welcome end to one of the biggest non-stories to come out of the HP-Palm merger so far, HP's Chief Technology Officer Phil McKinney put an end to the rumors that the company's upcoming (or not) Slate tablet would run webOS upon its release later this year in an interview with ZDNet.  When pressed on details of the upcoming product and if it would be running Palm's next-generation operating system, McKinney responded simply by giving a piece of advice that perhaps the tech press at large should heed more often: "Don't believe everything you see online".

If you recall, the furor began when the LA Gadgets Examiner posted a story that was as improbable as it was questionably sourced: that HP was going to ready a webOS powered tablet computer named "Hurricane" and have it ready during the third quarter of this year.  The story subsequently spread like wildfire - a webOS based tablet is a wet dream for most any gadget enthusiast - but folks generally failed to consider two important things: First, that the merger transaction between the two companies still hasn't closed, and isn't expected to until July which means that Palm is still an independent, resource strapped company. Second, that while webOS was designed from the ground up to be scaled across any number of hardware configurations, it still needs some work to get it tablet ready.

There's little doubt that a webOS powered tablet is in our future, but expecting one as soon as Q3 is probably unrealistic.  

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