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HP Slate - dead? “If we don’t talk about it, they’ll forget we ever mentioned it...” Or at least that seems to be the attitude that HP has been displaying towards the Windows 7-powered Slate tablet they unveiled six months ago at CES. Harry McCracken of Technologizer spoke to HP Personal Systems Group CTO Phil McKinney about their tablet plans, and the HP exec said that he wouldn’t be commenting about unreleased tablet products until the Palm acquisition was complete. And then he went on to extol the virtues of webOS over trying to adapt existing operating systems for new uses (Windows 7 onto a tablet).

This “not talking about the Slate” is a major departure for HP, as the device was shown off on stage by none other than Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and featured in several videos on HP’s site. Including one with McKinney. Since then, as Engadget notes, HP has been eerily quiet - breaking out only to put a damper on rumors that the Slate would run webOS: "Don't believe everything you see online."

So, is Slate dead and to be succeeded by a webOS-powered tablet, perhaps something codenamed Hurricane? That wouldn’t surprise us, though we doubt we’ll know for sure until sometime after the Palm acquisition is wrapped up on July 31st. If Palm and HP really are on an aggressive, 2010 schedule to release a webOS Tablet, let's hope that they started working to make webOS Tablet-ready quite awhile ago.

Via: Engadget, Source: Technologizer