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With more than 300,000 employees on the payroll, HP has a lot of people out in the field selling their product. HP’s sales force, as you can imagine, makes use of a lot of HP products, and soon they’ll have another tool to add to their arsenal: the HP TouchPad. The webOS tablet isn’t going to be just for show, of course, as Meaghan Kelly HP’s VP of Channel Sales Development & Strategy said in a recent brief interview with The VAR Guy:

“The rollout will include HP-developed video chat software, so that sales team members can connect customers with the most appropriate HP technical expert at a moment’s notice.”

So not only will HP’s sales minions be able to show corporate customers the TouchPad, they’ll be able to actually show it in action of the customer needs any one-on-one support from HP HQ. Presumably this will be using the already-demoed video chat software that comes with the TouchPad. Of course, as VP of Channel Sales, Kelly has a lot more than just webOS on her plate – she’s still got the millions of bread-and-butter Windows PCs that HP sells to push, but the fact that the TouchPad is going to be deployed as a tool for HP’s own sales force shows that they’re planning to eat their own corporate dogfood when it comes to webOS.