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HP Discover 2011 in Las Vegas: preview and possibilities

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 27 Mar 2011 10:14 am EDT

After this week's HP Americas Partner Conference 2011 (for which there's also a new webOS app), the next major event for the company is the HP Discover 2011 conference in Las Vegas from June 6-10, 2011 (there's also going to be a European version in Vienna at the end of November). HP Discover is the company's own conference, specifically focused on its enterprise customers rather than the consumer market. We've mentioned HP Discover before, but now that its agenda has been published, it appears especially noteworthy for the webOS community for a few reasons.

First is the timing of the event. Not only does it take place in June, the start of summer and the month when the TouchPad and Pre 3 are expected to become availalble, but the opening keynote by HP CEO Leo Apotheker is actually on June 6, two years exactly since the launch of the first Pre on Sprint. While the conference schedule was likely influenced by any number of factors, we can't help but wonder (and hope) that, whether or not the date was coincidental, Apotheker will make use of it to officially launch the devices as part of his keynote.

There are a number of conference sessions specifically focused on webOS itself. Session 3294, entitled "HP webOS: Build Your First App," is being taught as a hands-on workshop by Christopher Carn of HP's PSG. Steve Butsch, Director of Systems Engineering at HP, is explaining "Why HP webOS in the corporate environment" in session 2682, and HP's CTO Wireless & Mobility, Mamoun Abu-Samaha, is discussing "Wireless & mobility technologies, strategies and trends: the potential of webOS" in session 3164. Beyond those specific sessions, others may well include webOS in their content (as, for example, this one is almost certain to do).

We should also expect that webOS will be everywhere throughout the event, on HP PCs, on devices in the hands of HP staff, and on collateral material. This is going to be the one of the first times that HP will be able to show webOS in action to such a large number of its channel partners, and we would be surprised (and disappointed) if HP did not make the most of the opportunity.

Finally, on a pure coolness level, HP is leveraging its ongoing business relationship with Sir Paul McCartney (for whom it is building a private digital cloud of his music library) to have the legendary former Beatle perform a private concert for HP Discover attendees. If there is a webOS angle to Sir Paul's performance, it might well be via some announcement regarding the "Music Synergy" product hinted about by Jon Rubinstein and Steven McArthur in February.

For those of you who might wish to attend in person, you can use promo code CONTENT when you register to receive a discounted price of $1495 (below the $1595 early bird pricing expiring on March 31st, and substantially less than the $1795 advance or $1995 on-site you'll pay after that). For everyone else, stay tuned to PreCentral for updates and coverage of HP Discover.

Editor's note: Jonathan will be heading to and speaking at the conference. Bully to him!