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HP ePrint app coming to webOS 1.4.5 as well

by Derek Kessler Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:09 pm EST

HP’s slick ePrint integration with the HP TouchPad has been a point of pride for HP. They’ve long said they intend to use webOS to help integrate their entire product ecosystem, but for a while it seemed like some older devices might not make the cut. You may recall a few days back when HP unveiled an ePrint for webOS app and demoed it on an Palm Pre 2 running webOS 2.0. The ePrint app interfaced with a network-enabled webOS printer to, well, print.

Our suspicion was that ePrint would only be available on webOS 2.0 devices, with integration coming in webOS 3.0. Our suspicion, it seems, may have been incorrect. In the fine print in HP’s press release announcing the ePrint app was mention of ePrint coming to webOS 1.4.5 devices as well, a possibility we have confirmed with HP as being reality.

(1) BlackBerry and HP webOS platforms require HP ePrint Enterprise server software. Solution works with PCL5/6, PCL3, PCL3GUI printers (HP and non-HP). HP ePrint mobile app for printing at public print locations requires internet- and e-mail-capable BlackBerry smartphone OS 4.5 or newer, or HP webOS devices running webOS 1.45 or 2.0, wireless internet service and HP ePrint app. HP ePrint mobile app for webOS available late spring 2011.

You may have noticed something else, particularly that first line: require(s) HP ePrint Enterprise server software. HP’s ePrint server software actually enables compatibility with practically any printer, so long as it supports standard Printer Command Language (PCL) protocols, but first you need the software installed on your server. We’re going to say that line is poorly worded, because we’ve seen ePrint on webOS in action (the TouchPad demo at Think Beyond), and it was working with a consumer-grade printer (an HP Photosmart C310a, if our eyes are as good as we know they aren’t).

HP has promised the ePrint for webOS app to come in “late spring,” presumably alongside and preinstalled on the HP Veer.

Source: HP