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HP ePrint for webOS Preview

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 14 Feb 2011 6:04 am EST

HP's sole new mobile news at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is a preview of their ePrint app for webOS. Naturally, HP intends to integrate printing into as many apps as possible, but if you prefer to work directly from a print app, here's how it'll go:

Open the app and pick the thing you'd like to print - on this early preview the only one working so far was photos, but they have options for Files, Photos, launching the Camera, Web pages, Maps, and an intriguing Clipboard button that we imagine does just what you'd expect.

Once you've picked your document, it's time to pick a printer. In addition to your own saved printers, the app can search your company's intranet securely. It also can search of nearby printers by GPS, meaning you can print a file at your nearest FedEx Kinko's.

....and that's it so far. Hopefully it'll come backed into webOS 2.1 along with Exhibition. Yes, you already know that you should expect it in the coming months.

A few more photos after the break.