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HP Germany lists Pre3 for €349, expected in 1-2 weeks

by Derek Kessler Mon, 15 Aug 2011 12:11 pm EDT

Europe seems to be getting all sorts of excited for the HP Pre3, as they should, since it looks like they’ll actually be getting the flagship webOS phone at some point. Even HP in Europe is excited, with HP Germany joining the release date and pricing fray. The online store for HP Germany is now listing the unlocked QWERTZ-keyed Pre3 at the price of €349 (US$504) with shipping expected to happen in one-to-two weeks.

HP Germany also correctly lists the Pre3’s specifications – there’s no 1.2GHz dual-core processor, even if Orange UK’s support page also bungled the copying. There’s really not much new here apart from the price and shipment timeframe, but if it’s anything like the umpteen dozen previous postings of release date and pricing, we won’t put too much faith in it until we see it in a press release. Sadly, we can at least say that the Pre3 is not coming to O2 Germany, which we sure smarts for many a Germany webOS fan.

Source: HP Germany, O2de (Twitter); Thanks to and Rene on Twitter and StephanP for the tips!