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HP to give TouchPad early adopters $50 for apps

by Derek Kessler Sat, 06 Aug 2011 5:03 pm EDT

You bought an HP TouchPad early on and now you’re fuming over recent price cuts? HP hears you, and they want to sooth your wounded ego, so they’re going to give you $50 of credit for the App Catalog. How cool is that?

Today’s posting on The Official HP Palm Blog states that anybody who purchased a TouchPad in the United States before August 4th, regardless of retailer, will get the $50 App Catalog credit to spend on the apps of their choice. Qualifying TouchPad owners should receive an email next week with the details (so make sure your webOS Account/Palm Profile email is good).

Does this make up for HP cutting the price so quickly after launch? Maybe, maybe not, but this blogger isn't going to turn down $50 he didn't have before. And that $50 plus the $50 "you owned a Pre, congratulations" rebate equals out to the $100 that HP cut this weekend. This isn't something HP had to do, but despite their massive size, it's clear they understand the value of loyal customers and early adopters.