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HP to hire former Microsoft Exec, buyout moving forward

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 11 May 2010 2:38 pm EDT

There's much to be seen about how HP will integrate Palm when the sale goes through, but the Palo Alto, CA based company is making it abundantly clear that it intends on changing things up in the way they do business.  The most recent evidence of this comes in the form of hiring 20-year Microsoft veteran Bill Veghte  to head the company's $3.6 billion Software and Solutions division, according to Information Week

Veghte, who most recently was a key player of the Windows 7 launch, oversaw marketing for the operating system in his role of Vice President of the Windows business.  The Microsoft veteran left earlier this year to look for an opportunity where he could run an "end-to-end" business, something that wasn't much of a possibility at HP until the company announced that it was picking up Palm and, of course, webOS.  How this will affect webOS going forward is unknown, but having the man who was instrumental in launching Redmond's best selling operating system to date on your team can't be a bad thing if you're a company looking to "double-down" on your new in-house operating system.

While we're talking HP + Palm, we'll note that there's a new SEC filing that makes it clear that things are moving forward: the necessary legal step of creating the "Palm, HP and District Acquisition Corporation" has happened and Palm has agreed not to "solicit, initiate or take any action to knowingly facilitate or encourage the submission of an Acquisition Proposal," so it's HP or bust, folks.

Thanks to alan for the tip!