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HP holding TouchPad development workshops June 9th and 16th

by Derek Kessler Tue, 17 May 2011 8:12 pm EDT

Wondering when you as a developer would be able to get your hands on a TouchPad for that Enyo development testing you’ve been so longing to do? Wonder no longer, friend, for HP has the answer: June 9th or June 16th. Those would be the dates that you can get yourself to the bright Sunnyvale, California, Palm HQ for some hands-on training action.

The all-day events include breakfast and lunch (always a plus), technical sessions exploring programming with Enyo and the PDK, user interface and experience guidance, general meet and greet, and here’s the meat of the day’s sessions: five hours blocked off for the apps lab where you actually get to test your work on a TouchPad and one-on-one office hours with the webOS team.

Are you an interested developer? Of course you are. Head to the source link below to get yourself registered. Space is limited, so you’ll probably want to register sooner rather than later (that, and the first session is just three weeks out).