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HP launches new Twitter Campaign for the Veer: #PhonesTooBig

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 21 Jun 2011 1:37 pm EDT

In another attempt to get the attention of potential smartphone users on Twitter, HP has invested in a day of sitting as a promoted trend in the sidebar with the hashtag "#PhonesTooBig". If the last campaign caused too much confusion for Harry Potter fans and with the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), this campaign should do slightly better with keeping the discussions on topic. #PhonesTooBig sets up the discussion well to talk negatively about huge phones, letting people make jabs at phone companies that only make huge devices, and encouraging people to find smaller devices that will fit in your "skinny jeans". All while HP sends out a number of promoted tweets to let people know about the smallest 4G smartphone, the HP Veer.

Are we glad that HP took another shot at Twitter-fame today? Yes, though we aren't sure it's having the large effect on the masses that HP would desire. There is certainly a larger percentage of people talking about the Veer through this trend (and not confusing the trend as meaning something else), but the actual number of people taking part is much smaller than those organically grown trends (or the fiasco that we saw last week).

We are far from Social Media experts to be able to guess why this is the case, so we'll just chalk it up as being a somewhat strange phrase to have to work into your tweet. We still like #Veer4G as an option (since 4G almost always denotes phone, and Veer can't be confused with something else), but at the very least we can appreciate some of the clever phrases that are coming through this promotion. Like this classic "1999 called...." jab at bigger phones.

Source: Twitter