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HP Launches New Web/Email-Enabled Printers

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Mon, 07 Jun 2010 3:56 pm EDT


HP ePrint Platform for Internet-Enabled Printing

HP, the soon-to-be-Palm-parent-company is moving quickly and strongly into Internet-enabled printers with its new ePrint Platform and four new "e-all-in-One" printers. These products will enabled users to send print jobs via the Google Cloud (Docs, Photos and Calendar), using new apps from partners like Crayola and Live Nation, and most relevantly for this community, "from any web-connected device - smartphones, iPads, netbooks and more", according to Vyomesh Joshi, HP's Executive Vice President, Imaging and Printing Group. The release goes on to very specifically mention the possibility of "an executive on a train sending a presentation from a Palm Pre or Blackberry smartphone to print and pick up at a FedEx Office Store."

The Times piece, a feature on Vyomesh Joshi, includes a quote which could as easily be talking about future webOS development as printing:

"'Now that H.P. is going mass-market with this technology, we will more actively program to it,' said Steve Youngwood, an executive vice president at Nickelodeon."

While this announcement is not expressly about putting webOS on printers, it shows that HP's overall strategy of improving mobile data use from creation to production, a strategy for which webOS and the Palm smartphones will be a key component, is both moving ahead and getting positive attention.

Source: NYT and HP