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HP launches TouchPad LaunchLine contest on Facebook

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Tue, 28 Jun 2011 11:16 am EDT

For those who may not already be planning on waiting on the physical line for the TouchPad's launch on Friday, HP has a new Facebook contest for you: TouchPad LaunchLine. To get points, participants answer trivia questions about HP as quickly as possible; total points get multiplied by the number of friends participants recruit to "join the line."

The top 100 scorers on July 15th get TouchPads, with the highest among them also getting HP hardware or gift cards. The top 10 overall, though, will additionally each get one of HP's "VIP Experiences," including trips to various places around the U.S. and beyond for "Like Nothing Else" experiences: diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas, cooking in Italy, flying in zero-gravity over Florida, playing tennis with Serena Williams in New York, driving with Mario Andretti in California, etc.

Check out the source link for the full details and to play along. Good luck!