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HP to lay off as many as 525 at webOS GBU [Updated]

by Riz Parvez Mon, 19 Sep 2011 9:32 pm EDT

The weeks since HP’s landmark restructuring announcement have been incredibly tumultuous for the webOS community. We’ve seen our share of highs and lows, and through it all have continued to wonder what exactly the future will hold for our beloved OS. While it certainly has been a challenging time for the enthusiast community, the latest news from HP serves as a stark reminder of the gravity of the situation being faced by those formerly working at Palm Inc.

According to All Things D, HP has confirmed the layoff of 100 people within the webOS Global Business Unit, with further report that the process of handing out pink slips began this week. HP went on to attribute this layoff to the discontinuation of webOS device development, implying that those individuals working on hardware were likely among the hardest hit. They concluded by noting continued support of webOS customers, and again professed their ongoing exploration of “ways to leverage webOS software.”

While it could be said that the writing has been on the wall since mid-August, it remains no less difficult to learn that the process has begun. Certainly to those now-former employees of the webOS GBU, we at Precentral extend our sincerest gratitude for your hard work. A vibrant, passionate community was built around your efforts, and we all hope you land comfortably back on your feet.

Update: All Things D are now citing sources close to HP in reporting that layoffs may total as high as 525 employees when all is said and done. While we know there had been a great deal of restructuring including efforts to bolster the webOS team in the months following the acquisition, one has to wonder what percentage of the total webOS workforce this represents.

Source: All Things D; Thanks, sf_basilix!