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HP MediaServer team joins Palm Global Business Unit

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 01 Dec 2010 3:40 pm EST

The news going around that HP is not going to release another edition of their MediaServer product for savvy consumers came with another little tidbit - that the team behind the product has been transferred over to help out with webOS. We checked in with HP to see if that was indeed the case and sure enough, they're on board with the Palm GBU:

With the recent acquisition of Palm, HP’s Personal Systems Group is further building the resources and talent necessary to take full advantage of the large and growing connected device market. One of the teams that have been transferred to the Palm Global Business Unit is from the MediaSmart Server line of products. We believe the MediaSmart Server team’s depth and experience on multimedia and entertainment applications will benefit the future development of webOS.

That sounds pretty good to us and along with the HP acquisition of Melodeo seems to send a clear signal that HP is very, very serious about beefing up the media (and streaming?) capabilities of webOS.

For those wondering about the MediaSmart line itself, here's HP's word:

The HP MediaSmart Server includes many unique innovations including a media collector, video converter, remote and mobile media streaming, and a complete solution for Mac users that continue to position it as the leading product in the home server category. HP will sell through the current MediaSmart Server inventory, and of course we’ll honor our service and support commitments.

Sounds like features that would all fit quite well on a PC-home for media meant to be streamed to webOS. HP doesn't look to want to let this turn into a snub against Microsoft (just as they didn't with the Slate) - they are hugely important partners after all - but it's looking a bit like HP is looking to control more of their software solutions directly rather than depend on Microsoft.

Source: Engadget; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!