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HP: New webOS phones coming "early next year"

by Derek Kessler Wed, 06 Oct 2010 8:27 am EDT


Hold on to your hats kids, ‘cause this ride isn’t about done being all wild and bumpy. Following up on rumors and leaks and tips of new devices, it’s looking like HP and Palm are taking their time in getting new smartphones to market. Said HP Senior Vice President Eric Cador (Personal Systems Group, Europe) at a tech industry in Barcelona: “You will see us coming early next year with new phones.”

While early next year will be disappointing to some, we can appreciate that Palm needs to take the time to do this right. There’s debate as to whether Palm should release new products quickly that are slightly better than what’s already out, or that they should wait to release something more impressive that will make a splash. We’re not going to get into that debate here (we went on at length during last week’s PalmCast), but suffice to say we are pleased to hear the phones, as in plural of phone, line coming out of the camp. Does that mean multiple form factors and price points? We certainly hope so.

We can also expect to see more non-phone devices out of Palm and HP, as they’ve so often states. While HP did get Palm’s carrier relationships and device development in the purchase, Cador did note, “More importantly we acquired webOS,” saying that Palm's intellectual property was “extremely fundamental” in the purchase. That echoes what we’ve been hearing for some time now, though it’s still nice to hear the praise of dollar signs.

Source: Reuters; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!