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HP: no webOS netbooks, Slate still on tap for October

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 24 May 2010 10:19 am EDT


HP's VP of personal computing, Monty Wong, told Digitimes today that there were no plans for a webOS netbook. However they also report that the HP Slate, which runs Windows 7, is still on deck and should be released in October. That contradicts previous rumors that the Slate had been cancelled.

Digitimes has been hit or miss with regard to rumors, to say the least, so it's possible that we could still see that HP Hurricane as previously rumored, but either way it's good to see that HP is talking about other webOS devices. 

Was anybody out there hoping for a webOS-based smartbook / netbook? It's certain not on our holiday list.

Update: Lots of sites and tipsters read the Digitimes report and confirming a webOS Slate, not the Windows 7 Slate. Two thoughts: 1) it's Digitimes, which as we said has a poor record with regard to future devices and 2) there's enough ambiguity in the language on their report that we can't say for sure they're confirming a webOS Slate.

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