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HP now accepting webOS 3.0 app submissions, launches in-app purchasing

by Derek Kessler Thu, 02 Jun 2011 8:44 am EDT

Looking for more signs that the HP TouchPad launch is imminent? Well, we’ve got them. HP announced today that they are accepting app submissions for TouchPad apps. In a posting on the webOS Developer Center, HP said “we encourage you to get your app in as soon as you can to have the best chance of it being available on the launch date.” The app review process typically hasn’t taken that long for our tried-and-true Mojo apps, so if there’s a chance that apps submitted in the next few days/weeks won’t be included, we’re wagering that the launch is impending.

Additionally, HP announced the addition of in-app purchasing for webOS 3.0 apps. The new mechanism seems pretty straightforward, and we’re glad to see developer get new options for monetizing their apps. Of course, being that it’s for webOS 3.0 apps, right now it’s only compatible with the TouchPad, and only available to developers that are part of the Early Access Program.

A handful of other changes have been made to the app submission process, including streamlining submitted app requirements away from specific devices and instead focusing on things like screen size, form factor, and the like. The app submission process now also accepts 768x1024 screenshots, a given with the accepting of TouchPad apps.

Update: Sean Lindo has chimed in on the HP webOS Developer Blog: the roll-out for in-app purchases is going to happen in phases. The first step will allow developers to start creating in-app purchase items with their webOS developer account. Phase two will bring documentation support in the next release of the webOS 3.0 SDK in the Early Access Program. Phase three will come in a few weeks when HP starts accepting in-app purchase items for review.

Source: HP webOS Developer Center, HP webOS Developer Blog; Thanks to rot and Phillip for the tips!