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HP offers employees discounts on Palm phone service, support hotline

by Derek Kessler Tue, 12 Oct 2010 11:01 am EDT


Obviously HP’s pretty gung-ho about Palm. It may not be their biggest purchase, but it’s one that stands to have a huge impact and monetary pay-off if they play their card right. And to get as many people on board as they can, HP is turning to their 300,000 strong employee base with some pretty sweet offers.

First up is a new support line for HP employees using Palm products. The new line is open late, weekends, and every day, and is offered free of charge to HP employees. For obvious reasons, we’re not going to give you that phone number. Palm and webOS are still fairly foreign to a lot of the HP base, which was previously a Windows Mobile camp. Granted, they didn’t seem to care much about Windows Mobile, but the phones were there.

Second is a new discount program exclusively for HP employees. Contrary to what you think, it’s not a discount on Palm hardware (which can already be had for free through HP). No, it’s a discount on cellular service for said Palm hardware on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. The plans go live on November 15th (hmmm), at which time we should be hearing more about how much of a discount they’ll be, though HP has promised that their employees will be getting a “good value.”

We’re glad to see HP’s doing what they can to push Palm hardware into the hands. They’re even asking for employee input as to what they could do to improve Palm hardware, services, and apps. It’s these kind of touches that made Palm such a great company and we’re glad to see their new overlords carry some of the same employee benevolence (even if it runs counter to the gloomy attitude some apparently hold).

Thanks to two anonymous HP employees for the tips!