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HP planning native FTP app for webOS?

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 20 Mar 2011 3:52 pm EDT

Color us intrigued: palmpre-france was digging around inside webOS 2.1 with Internalz and discovered a new app: com.palm.app.ftp. For those not familiar with webOS naming conventions, that tells us that it's a native Palm app from the company itself called "FTP." That's FTP as in "File Transfer Protocol," or perhaps better described as "a pro tool usually used on a desktop or designed by 3rd party developers for smartphones." It's interesting indeed to see that HP may be building a native FTP client for webOS - but for now the app looks to be more placeholder than actual functioning app. Perhaps it will just serve as the underpinning for some other continuous-client-style functionality for webOS - after all, getting a consistent experience across phones, the TouchPad, and your desktop is likely going to require more robust file transferring abilities.


Souce: palmpre-france; Thanks @avnerarbel!