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HP Play music syncing now available as Public Beta

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 08 Jul 2011 6:58 am EDT

HP Play Beta

HP Play is one step closer to becoming the wireless music syncing and streaming service we'd heard about and been drooling after since earlier this year, as the company has now released the desktop-side of the service to the public under the "beta" tag. It's still far from being what we want to see from the service, but PC and Mac owners, this first public release of HP Play is a welcome sight and shows the direction that HP is planning on moving in the future with wireless media syncing across devices.

Once you arrive at the HP Play website from a desktop browser, you'll have the option to download and install the HP Play Music Player, which runs off of the open source Songbird media manager, directly onto your computer. First-time launch will ask you a few questions about the type of media you want to import (which includes an "All music from iTunes" option) and then gets started with creating your HP Play Music Library. From the strangely familiar interface you'll be able to listen to your music straight on the device, create playlists, rip/burn CD's, and finally, sync your music directly with any music-playing device, but specifically of the webOS-type.

As of right now the software only syncs music (not video or photos yet) using a USB cable from your HP TouchPad or Veer (and in the future the Pre 3), but from the looks of things the developers really want to get away from that and start syncing using the full wireless experience that we've come to know webOS devices through. Plugging your device in and putting it in USB mode will initiate the syncing process on your computer which is either automatic or manual, based on what you selected when setting up the software. From there you can organize your music on the device, sync folders automatically, and even transfer playlists from one device to the next with hardly any work done at all.

HP Play is clearly still in beta, but it's coming along nicely and should pick up speed as more feedback and bug reports are sent in through this testing phase. Don't let the beta tag full you, though, as even the basic USB syncing that comes with the Songbird core is enough to make a switch over from iTunes to HP Play as your default media player. The future definitely looks bright for HP Play - wireless media syncing can't come soon enough.

Source: HP Play; Thanks, Everyone!