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HP Pre 3 Hands-On!

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Feb 2011 4:36 pm EST

The Pre 3 sitting outside the Think Beyond keynote that we just left is thinner than the Pre 2 with a bigger, brighter screen and a higher resolution. We haven't had a chance to play around too much with it just yet, but it definitely looks better in person than it does in pictures - the keynote slides had us worried that the bezel would be ugly.

The keyboard is definitely more spaced out than previous webOS device keyboards and it looks as though the microphone and charging port are actually on the main body of the phone this time. The microphone, by the way, is joined by a second one on the back for noise cancellation. We're also pleased to see that the 5-megapixel shooter on the Pre 3 has autofocus instead of Extended Depth of field.  We hear that there is a larger battery too, but the numbers on that aren't clear just now.

Like the Pre 2 before it, it's an iterative design on the Pre. While we appreciate HP's commitment to our favorite form-factor - the portrait slider - we sort of were hoping that they'd be a bit more daring on the styling of the device. Come this "This summer," we'll see if consumers agree.

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