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Like you, we’ve been wondering for some time when the next flagship webOS device – the HP Pre3 – would launch. We’ve been teased for months now with incorrect pricing and ship dates for the smartphone from retailers all over Europe, but now we’re getting it from HP. According to ZDNet UK, HP General Manager Personal Systems Group UK Paul Hunter confirmed to them that the Pre3 in the UK will be “coming this month.”

When exactly this month? We aren’t sure – we’ve got 29 choices for which date, though we think we can rule out tomorrow. Regardless, that still falls within HP’s “summer” release time frame. We also didn’t get carrier or pricing details from Mr. Hunter, but surely the cost will be something reasonable given that the Pre3 is rapidly encroaching upon “old” status before it’s ever seen the light of day.

Also missing: a launch date and pricing for anywhere else in the world. That’d be nice too, but we’ll take what we can get.