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HP Pre3 pops up on Orange UK support site, looks to be a lock

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Aug 2011 11:04 am EDT

We know that the HP Pre3 is due in the UK by the end of this month. We also know it’s likely not coming to O2 (though it’s possible they’ve changed their mind in the last six months). So then the question we have to ask is this: “What carrier will the Pre3 launch on in the UK?”

We might finally be getting that answer, and thankfully it doesn’t look like it’ll be just an unlocked device like the HP Veer in Germany. PreCentral forum member Amohazab noticed something interesting on the support site for UK carrier Orange: the Pre3. The page lists all of the already known specifications (512MB of RAM, 8GB or 16GB of storage, a 480x800 3.6-inch display) along with a yet-again errant 1.2GHz dual-core processor mention, and a confirmation of webOS 2.2 for the device. There’s also a generic userguide for the HP XXX (perhaps an unannounced smartphone for Vin Diesel).

But what’s really the news here is that the support page is on Orange. A few UK retailers, like Mobiles.co.uk, have preemptively put up ordering pages for the Pre3 listing Orange as a carrier and a reasonable contract price of £80 (US$130). But by the same token, those retailers have been showing the phone available for preorder with varying prices and release dates (pushed back multiple times) for the past few months, so we’ve taken them with prodigious amounts of salt. But this support page from Orange? That’s the first confirmation we’ve gotten from any carrier about the Pre3, and while it’s not “official,” the fact that the page is there says enough for us to say that the HP Pre3 is coming to Orange UK.