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HP probing TouchPad customers for feedback, which is odd for a cancelled product

by Derek Kessler Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:01 pm EST

How satisfied are you with your HP TouchPad?

That’s the very first question HP has asked a number of TouchPad owners in an email survey they recently sent out. It’s a pretty vague question, and thankfully HP delves much deeper, asking the respondent to rate things from the ease of setup, overall performance, and the webOS user interface to the ability to personalize the device, the quality of manufacturing, and the durability of the TouchPad. Additional “what do you want more of” questions in the survey touch on document editing, stylus support, video out, cellular connectivity, cloud support, computer synchronization, and more. Then there’s the “how much did you pay for your TouchPad?” question with follow-ups for when you bought and where did you purchase (with eBay serving as a surprise option).

Customer satisfaction surveys are nothing new. Practically every company on the planet has done them at one point or another. It’s a pretty straightforward way to get feedback, after all. But why would HP be running a satisfaction survey for TouchPad owners now? They did cancel the product and blow out the inventory in a fire sale, and they’ve been exploring their options since on what exactly to do with webOS. Why ask is the purchaser of a dead product wants stylus support or better synchronization with their computer? You ask these things because you want to see if people would be willing to buy another webOS tablet and what they want out of it. You ask because you’re planning on making more and you don’t want to blow it this time. That’s why.

Oh, and we can't distribute the survey to all of you. We'd love to, but they're one-use survey URLs to avoid that very thing. Though we'd seriously suggest to HP that they open this survey to everybody. You might be surprised by the feedback.

Thanks to John, Martin, skeets000, and Sepherous for the tips!