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HP reaffirms Citrix Receiver free at launch, cites benefits of using it on webOS over other platforms

by Riz Parvez Thu, 26 May 2011 11:22 am EDT

While HP’s truly new foray into the consumer sector with webOS is already underway with the entry-level Veer (major ad push notwithstanding), HP’s flagship hardware has yet to debut. These devices, the TouchPad and Pre3, were built with power-users and professionals in mind, providing higher performance and better resolution with the promise of easy connectivity into existing enterprise structures thanks to magic (and clout) of HP and webOS. HP’s has been citing their monolitic distribution channels in enterprise as one of several factors which will be instrumental in getting webOS back into the game, and multiple major enterprise developers have chimed in from day one to voice their support for the platform.

HP continues to remind us of the importance of enterprise to their long-term plans, posting yesterday on ‘The Official HP Palm Blog,’ an article entitiled ‘Enterprise, start your engines.’ In it, HP themselves reaffirm the at-launch availability of Citrix Receiver, a free app which will provide enterprise users access to “500,000 enterprise apps out of the gate.”

While PreCentral readers have known about Citrix Receiver for webOS for months now, it’s another positive step to see HP drawing enterprise attention to it on their own blog. It’s also quite interesting to see HP lay out the benefits of using Receiver on webOS over other platforms, including simplified “zero-touch” over-the-air updating and dead-simple support for multiple sessions thanks to webOS’s superior multitasking structure. This is especially important because Citrix Receiver is a platform agnostic application that is already available on other platforms.

HP also makes a point of noting their continuing relationship with Citrix even outside of webOS, noting themselves as the “featured sponsor” of the BYO Pavilon at the Citrix Synergy event which kicked off in San Francisco yesterday.