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There’s been a lot of questioning about how and if HP was going to support homebrew webOS development moving forward, especially with the TouchPad. Many interpreted the shutting down of the open feeds as a slight against homebrew, but it really wasn’t (homebrew has always been the PreCentral Homebrew Gallery, WebOS Internals, and the dozens of independent developers that make it all happen).

In a show of support for continued homebrew development from WebOS Internals, HP engineers not only helped homebrew developers port their apps to the TouchPad at the recent workshops around the globe, but HP has also decided to deliver to a few of the leading WebOS Internals developers (including Rod Whitby) pre-release TouchPads in order to ensure their homebrew work is ready when the 9.7-inch webOS 3.0 tablet launches in two weeks. Their work is going to focus on getting Preware (obviously), Govnah (minus kernels, which HP will have to release), Save/Restore, and Lumberjack working by launch day.