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HP reaffirms support for homebrew community

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:24 am EDT


Palm's Jon Zilber got some time over at HP's official The Next Bench Blog and used the platform to talk a bit about you, the webOS community. Specifically, Zilber called out homebrew (which may not be the best term for the apps, patches, overclocking, and general white-hat-hackery it's meant to encompass, but it's the best we've got), writing:

[..] a robust community of developers and fans has evolved around homebrew apps, beta apps, and unofficial system tweaks. Palm generally can’t offer support for these apps, but we do support the community’s ability to create and use them (at their own risk).

We can't help but compare this to Apple's official stance that jailbreaking the iPhone violates their end user agreement (though it's still protected by the DMCA).

Speaking of homebrewers, there has been an annoying bug in the official App Catalog that breaks the automatic update checker for users who have non-Palm-feed apps installed (which is to say it affects developers and people who have installed homebrew apps). From what we can tell it's an innocent bug and Palm is pushing out a fix at this very moment.

So to sum up: HP / Palm: works together with the homebrew community to make sure everybody has a nice experience. Apple: files a patent for detecting and deactivating jailbroken phones. Just saying.

Source: The Next Bench; More on the App Update bug in our forums and Palm's forums.