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HP Releases Tablet-compatible SDK, Enyo, to Early Access developers

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 09 Feb 2011 11:47 pm EST

HP just wrapped up a quick walkthrough of their new app development framework, which is based on a new technology they're replacing their current SDK with. Called Enyo, it's progressed a bit since we first saw a preview of it in November.

For non-developers, the key take-aways are these: Although Enyo takes a little bit longer to learn than the previous framework, Mojo, is will enable developers to quickly build and improve faster, more modular apps. The best metaphor is that whereas before web developers had to mold apps out of clay, now they're building them with Legos. Takes a bit longer, but you can re-use the pieces over and over again.

More importantly, Enyo is fully ready for the TouchPad. In fact, all the app demos we saw today on the TouchPad were written in Enyo. It's also resolution independent - you can code once and it will work from the tiny Veery to the large TouchPad. It even elegantly handles differing pixel densities (in web-parlance, you size things with ems instead of pixels), meaning that it is stupendous for resolution-independent development. Enyo is also fully hardware-accellerated. Apps written in Enyo automatically take advantage of CSS hardware acceleration so they can perform as well on big screens as they do on small.

There are plenty of other advantages for developers - they can code and debug right in a web-browser, hook their computer up to a device and test with the live data on the device, and more.

In terms of demos, there wasn't much new that we hadn't seen before - the email app with it's sliding panels still looks pretty slick.

For developers who are worried, the old Mojo framework will still be supported on webOS 3.x on the TouchPad - or so said HP earlier today.

Developers looking to get ahold of the early SDK preview - which HP readily admits is in an alpha stage - simply need to sign up for the Early Access program by emailing pdc@palm.com .

How proud is HP? Check out the swagger on HP Director of Frameworks and Tools, Matthew McNulty after the break.

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